Who We Are

The Peacock Pen is an independently owned company offering extensive writing & editorial services in the Charlotte area.

Applying over two decades of professional experience across many industries…

Our mission is to provide high-quality deliverables that exceed customer expectations.

Our commitment is to produce the right type of document for your project or to review your content to develop the best material for your intended audience.

    Amy KelleyJeff StoufferScott Francis
  • Donna demonstrates a high level of competency as an editor. This was my first book and I would say as a writer I am just OK. Donna is excellent in her ability to repair my spelling and grammar errors and did so in a timely manner. I believe my book now sounds like I truly know what I am talking about, due to the fact she gave me ideas on how to improve content
    Amy Kelley
  • Donna and I worked together at Wells Fargo... I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Donna, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that she is an impressive technical writer who is always striving to create result-oriented content and produce it in a winsome style. Her knowledge of writing and reporting services, and expertise in producing succinct and on-point deliverables was a huge advantage to our team.
    Jeff Stouffer
    Wells Fargo - Fraud Operations
  • Writing a book was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, being dyslexic. Donna took me from amateur status to being a well-organized, intelligent-sounding author. Thank you, Donna, for making me look so good.
    Scott Francis
    keynote speaker and author"

What We Bring

We have extensive experience with researching and gathering data for key deliverables – whether it’s for a system guide… or for a four-box executive summary … or for a set of wikis for staff use.

Our experience also covers documenting:

  • Step-By-Step Work Processes

  • Functional Requirements

  • Hardware or Equipment

  • Software or Interfaces

  • Policies & Standards

  • Tutorials

  • Project Status

  • Help Guides

To gather key information…

...We can work independently doing hands-on testing or researching the intranet or internet

...We can attend meetings, make calls, or conduct interviews

...We can work jointly with subject matter experts, stakeholders, management, and process owners

We want to deliver the best for you.