Technical Writing

We’ll make the written word work for you!

Well-executed documentation can transform your business. Having the right technical materials available will ensure there is agreement on major issues such as design, architecture, functionality, audience, platforms, inputs and outputs, and more. Keeping key information available and up-to-date can make or break a successful project or implementation.

Our experience covers many industries, including Financial Services/Banking, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Engineering. When your system engineers are busy designing a new repository to store and use key data, or when a developer is creating a user interface for corporate-wide use, or new regulations demand having step-by-step operational procedures on file, call in The Peacock Pen to deliver these critical business documents:

  • Technical Papers
  • System Requirements
  • Installation Manuals
  • Help Desk Scripts
  • Websites/Team Sites
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Step Procedures
  • Online Content
  • End User Guides
  • Training Guides
  • Online Help Files
  • Process Workflows

Applying 25 years experience in the technical writing field, I create professional, thorough, readable deliverables. From updates to hardware, system design, software, or networks, to creation of web-based content, processes, or operational procedures, I can help you to produce the technical documentation or content you need, right when you need it. I will gather the required information through:

  • Collaboration with project leads, subject matter experts, developers, designers, operational personnel, or management.
  • Comprehensive hands-on testing, interviews, and research.

I use the “Information Mapping” approach to present information in a clear, logical, and organized structure. I focus on presenting information in a way that makes it easy to read and to follow for the intended audience. Depending on your needs, I can develop or improve your materials by including screen captures, graphs, flowcharts, milestone charts, network diagrams, taxonomies, figures, and illustrations to depict important concepts or information.