Workplace Safety Training: PowerPoint presentation outlining proper safety procedures


According to OSHA (American governmental agency):

“One of the root causes of workplace injuries, illnesses, and incidents is the failure to identify or recognize hazards that are present, or that could have been anticipated.”

Many municipalities, states, and countries mandate that every business has a safety program.

Safety education and management is a responsibility of every business — regardless of industry or size. This module describes:

  • Responsibilities of company and personnel
  • Effects of good and bad safety practices
  • Possible workplace hazards
  • How to identify, prevent, and avoid incidents
  • Safety controls (signage, inspections, protective equipment)

Providing training will, at a minimum, prevent damage to people and also to your reputation and earnings.


  • Reduces likelihood of workplace accidents
  • Instructs on best practices to prevent or avoid incidents
  • Saves company time, money, embarrassment, loss of assets
  • Lowers the risk of bodily damage


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