Safety Handbook: fill in this comprehensive guide to maintain safety in your workplace


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The top two reasons for OSHA (American government agency) citing a business is lack of a written program for regulated activity and lack of implementation.

A Safety Handbook will move your business far ahead.

All businesses (regardless of industry or number of employees) should provide education and guidelines for the identification, prevention, and avoidance of workplace safety hazards.

Many municipalities, states, and countries mandate that every business has a safety program.

This handbook identifies potential hazards in the workplace along with safety best practices. It presents information on protective equipment, signage, and the responsibilities of both company management and personnel. It clarifies the need for a safety officer, who will help your business to implement the program and monitor adherence.


  • Reduces likelihood of workplace accidents
  • Helps companies to meet OSHA requirements and avoid fines or citations
  • Familiarizes all staff of potential hazardous risks (falling, lifting, muscle strain, etc.) in the workplace

Provides best practices for avoiding injuries or illness due to hazards


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