Editorial Services

It’s easy enough to use a Spell Checker function to fix your poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation. But to read a document to make it not only correct but well-developed is another matter.

We thrive on making your developed content sharper and more effective – we’ll look at your output with fresh but discerning eyes. We approach each edit with the mindset of seeing how we can refine your information – using different formats, order, groups, or presentation style that most effectively displays what the reader needs.

We test (if access is available) to verify that all facts, links, data, steps, titles, or other information is CURRENT. It’s CLEAR. It’s COMPLETE. If a link to broken, an email address no longer exists, numbers are missing, tables are incomplete… these are the data points we will draw out in collaboration with team members or supervisors.

These are our Seven C's of Editing....

We check that the content is CONSISTENT and COHERENT. It should be easily COMPREHENDED. Each document should have a defined audience. Then, the document or copy can be read from that audience’s perspective. We put ourselves in the shoes of the reader to ensure the content is well communicated and CREATIVELY presented for maximum effect.