Why You Need to be Labeling Your Business Documents

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November 23, 2019
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December 18, 2019
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Why You Need to be Labeling Your Business Documents

Your Business Needs to be Labeling Your Business Documents

Labels, we don’t need no stinking labels!

It’s not surprising that people don’t give much thought to labels in their documents.  But you might, once you read this. 

Labels can take different forms. One is a designation of the material. Labeling makes it clear what’s in it and who can read it. A label can mark content that’s considered “intellectual capital.” 

Wouldn’t you want to label a document that contains information on an upcoming merger? Or on expected upcoming impacts to company earnings? Or about an unreleased patent? Or on employees’ salaries?   

Possibilities for labels include (presented in alphabetical order):

  • Classified: Access confined to those with the appropriate level of authorization
  • Confidential: Exclusive content with a view confined to those with privileged access
  • Draft: Material being developed; not yet finalized
  • Internal Use Only: Content for which access is limited only to company personnel 
  • Private: Classification indicates access is restricted to a small group
  • Proprietary: Designates protected material that is not to be made public
  • Public: Clarifies content can be made available to the general public
  • Restricted: Access limited to executives or personnel with need-to-know

Labels placed in a footer, header, watermark, etc. can clearly designate how to handle access, printing, and storage of company documentation.

The other form of labeling in documentation are alerts like:

  • Note
  • Important
  • Warning
  • Caution
  • Danger 

Labeling your business documents creates organization

The labels presented above can help your business maintain structure and organization within your documents and files. This is key to running your business in a self-sufficient manner.

Labels clearly indicate the purpose of the documents, which in turn orients the user. Additionally, labeling your business documents allows you to create a “keyword search” structure within your document organization, whether the documents are physical copies or stored digitally.

Ultimately, your business needs labels for your documents for ease of use, clarity, and structure. If your own business documents are in need of labeling, and you feel overwhelmed trying to organize everything into a succinct set of labels, Peacock Writing Services is here to help you achieve this task.

Peacock Writing Services helps make labels

With over two decades of experience in business writing and document creation, Donna at Peacock Writing Services has an exceptional eye for labeling your business documents.

You can also purchase her pre-made business label list in the online store.

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